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The Sensational Michelle Gayle
Selected Song Lyrics

On this page you can read the lyrics written by Michelle herself. I am not presently planning to include lyrics from songs Michelle sang that were written by others (such as 'Looking Up').
Accompanying pictures were captured by Thierry for this site.

Song Title:- No Place Like Home
Written by M.Gayle/J.Douglas
Released by BMG Records 1997

No place like home.

When feeling low it's easy to think
There must be a better place to go
My mama told me look inside myself
Instead of blaming something else
But nobody ever listens to words that don't reflect
their state of mind
When they see on their TV screens those sexy girls
And damn the men look fine (so fine)

Just been around the world my baby
(New york got it goin' on)
Just been around the world my baby
(La you are the bomb)
Just been around the world my baby
(Jamaica got it goin' on)
Just been around the world
But there's no place like home

Got off the plane and straight away
I realised that things weren't what they seemed
From state to state and place to place
Nobody matched the images I'd seen
(All that I'd seen.)
But nobody ever mentions that
What you see upon the screen ain't right
And if I have ever learned a thing
I've learned it ain't all about the sunshine
(The sunshine) Can you dig it?

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